The Good Bitter Best Old Fashioned You've Ever Had

The Good Bitter Best way to make the most classic of classic cocktails: The Old Fashioned. 


2 oz. Bourbon or Rye Whiskey

1 Good Bitter Best Orange Sugar Cube

1 dropper Good Bitter Best Aromatic bitters

Garnish: Good Bitter Best Dehydrated Orange


Place sugar cube in rocks glass. Douse with one dropper of bitters and a teaspoon of water. Muddle until sugar dissolves. Add one large ice cube. Pour whiskey over ice. Stir. Add orange for garnish. Cheers!

Bonus: To make a Manhattan sub 1 oz. sweet vermouth for the sugar cube. Use Good Bitter Best Cherry Cacao bitters. Garnish with a cherry on the bottom.

Double Bonus: Love smoky tasting drinks? Try adding a couple drops of Good Bitter Best Smoke bitters to any cocktail!

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