Upgraded Vodka Soda

Turn that Vodka Soda from ho-hum to hallelujah! 


Soda Water

2 oz Vodka 

1 Good Bitter Best Sugar Cube

1 Dropper Good Bitter Best Bitters

Garnish: Dehydrated Citrus Wheel


Place sugar cube in bottom of glass. Douse with bitters and one teaspoon water. Muddle until sugar dissolves. Place ice into glass. Add 2 oz Vodka. Top with Soda Water. Stir gently. Add garnish. Cheers!

Here's the fun part: choose your bitters! Bitters will add a subtle flavor and complexity to your drink. We have many to choose from but here I will highlight our four cocktail kits for summer: 

Lavender Lemon Cocktail Kit: Comes with Lavender Lemon bitters, lemon sugar cube and dehydrated lemons. Amazing in champagne, with gin, or in a French 75.

Grapefruit Ginger Cocktail Kit: Comes with Grapefruit Ginger bitters, grapefruit sugar cubes, and dehydrated grapefruit garnish. Great in Palomas and Salty Dogs!

Strawberry Basil Cocktail Kit: Comes with Strawberry Basil bitters, lime sugar cubes, and dehydrated lime wheels. Delicious in rum tiki drinks!

Cilantro Lime Cocktail Kit: Comes with Cilantro Lime bitters, lime sugar cubes, and dehydrated lime wheels. Add tequila and a squeeze of fresh orange instead of vodka in the above recipe to upgrade your margaritas!

Visit goodbitterbest.com and select Booze Wanted Vodka Soda Kit to shop these unique flavors!

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