About Us

At Good Bitter Best, we create unique small batch cocktail ingredients so you can be a rockstar bartender in the comfort of your own home. Our product line includes bitters, simple syrups (in the raw), garnish, cocktail kits, and booze infusions. We also offer barware and other cocktail accessories to make your home bar complete.

GBB is owned by Jennifer Newman, an art teacher by day and entrepreneur by nights/ weekends! The GBB team includes her sales manager (and husband!) Dru Newman (Sales@goodbitterbest.com). She couldn't do it without the support, help, and love of many friends and family members!

Recently, GBB got their own commercial kitchen and is currently accepting members who would like to kitchen share. (Bakers and confectionary only.) We call it Makers, Bakers, and Shakers. Visit our sister site MakersBakersShakers.com to check it out!

Elevate your booze- Cheers!